Choosing to leave a stable(ish) corporate career to strike out with no guarantee of success and no revenue isn’t something that I thought I would do. When I told friends that I was planning on quitting my job and striking out on my own, I definitely got some mixed feedback.

I was lucky, though. I had a stable infrastructure, a supportive teammate in my husband and the idea of what I wanted to do. I also happen to have several inspirational friends who have started businesses of their own and are full of guidance, perspective and encouragement.

But still – why disrupt myself? Because true change cannot happen without real disruption. The status quo is inertial. Momentum by its very nature makes it hard to change direction. But today, the world is changing so fast, that momentum can often bring a business, a strategy or a career plan crashing to the ground. So, as a leader, you have a choice. Do you let the momentum carry you? Or do you consciously seek out disruption? When you do, if you get a negative reaction from a few people, is that the end? Or do you use that as fuel for your fire?

Here in this blog, I’ll be covering topics around self-disruption, innovation and how to start your own tech renaissance. Join me on this journey, won’t you?