Why Lidofy

LIDOFY is a mindset: Listen, Innovate, Disrupt, Optimize
(for you).

Using this mindset, we can work together to bring new technology to customers who will see its value. We can accelerate adoption and help your business achieve success.

LIDOFY was born out of my learnings and experiences throughout my career. I’ve seen new products born, I’ve seen portfolios age. Over that time, I’ve seen patterns that have led to success and struggle. I’ve collaborated with teams to get results even in the face of great difficulty.


“I’m a teacher and a coach. We’ll work hard, we’ll have fun, and you’ll win. Let’s do this!”

Sanmitra  Iwanski

Sanmitra Iwanski


Value creator
Laid-back (not really, but I try) 
Try-er of new things

I can help you enhance your value proposition from concept to launch. Together we can help you achieve the best growth through strategies and tactics for market creation, new category/product introduction, simple messaging for highly technical products and relaunching products that aren’t delivering as expected. Let me bring my 20 years of experience across private, public and not-for-profit healthcare and medical device organizations to help you get your products out of your hands, into the hands of customers, and growing the way you envision. I’ll bring my background in biophysical chemistry and years of working with diverse businesses to quickly learn and translate your technology for customers. Your mission is my priority.

Learn more about the different kinds of challenges I’ve tackled at my blog, and on my LinkedIn profile.