You have to be fast on your feet and adaptive or else a strategy is useless. 

– Charles de Gaulle

Are you an established healthcare technology firm with struggling products? Is what got you here not getting you there? Did you have a product that was tailored to address a specific need and after a splashy launch it seems to have hit a plateau? This situation isn’t uncommon .

Waiting too long to address portfolio gaps can set you back in the long run. As you fall behind the competition, your reputation and brand can suffer. Sometimes, legacy success can be hard to leave behind due to emotional attachment. Paradoxically, culling products that aren’t performing can reenergize both your own employees and your customers. An external perspective can help you separate data and emotion, optimizing your business for success today and tomorrow, regardless of yesterday.

I have experience repositioning products following a plateau, optimizing a portfolio to meet customer needs and changing the message and delivery to improve results. Let me help you push through your business doldrums.

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