Long before I had my first marketing class, I was fascinated by marketing. The idea that we have problems that someone is solving for profit is a critical concept in capitalism.

It was 2001 when all these tumblers clicked into place in my mind – that marketing was a way to facilitate innovation while ensuring business success and profit. From that moment, marketing became my why. (1) In every role I’ve held since then – even parenting and volunteering – my first question is, what’s the unmet need, where’s the value, and how can we make this better for the stakeholders.

Marketers are the midwives of solutions, gathering needs, facilitating prioritization, and ensuring that value is captured by the creator and for the customer. In your business ecosystem, a marketer can help set your business up for success by focusing on priorities, realistic growth plans and metric-driven success.

Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master.

– Philip Kotler

While much of marketing is common sense, it’s not always common practice. At certain points of evolution for your organization, marketers are critical. Who’s the right marketer? It’s someone who cares passionately about solving problems, creating value for both the creator and the customer, and also who is willing to challenge the status quo to help you achieve stratospheric success.

Do you feel that way? Do you have the time and bandwidth to do everything marketing for your organization? If you don’t have the capacity, but you have the desire to maintain control, perhaps engaging an expert is the right thing for you to do. Perhaps together, we can blow the lid off your business.