Change the World


A big idea is great, but putting that big idea into action has the power to change the world 

– Tae Yoo

Are you a disruptive healthcare technology company? Do you want to spend your money on product and innovation, not a full time Chief Marketing Officer? I don’t blame you! Priorities will help you stay on course.

Skipping the CMO might make sense, but skipping the early stage marketing planning stages can cost you customers and revenue down the line. What you need is a coach; someone to come in, learn what you have under control and what needs some adjustment. Why pay someone to do this? For the same reason that you might pay for a trainer at the gym. Having an external expert perspective helps raise your game.

I can help you organize an effective and cost-conscious marketing plan that will turn early success into future revenue. We can work together as much or as little as your plan permits. Let me bring you my expertise in a flexible, efficient way.

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What you can achieve with a little help?